Our mission is to use our social media driven pop-up experience as a platform for social change by partnering with local rescue organizations that support dogs. Human’s Best Friend’s goals are to support local rescue organizations, raise awareness, and encourage and facilitate adoptions. 


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Second Chance Rescue NYC

Partner Dates: September 14-16

Second Chance Rescue NYC’s mission is to reduce animal overpopulation in shelters, rescue and rehabilitate critically injured and neglected animals, and connect the community to services that enable animals to remain in their homes. Utilizing an integrated approach to rescue and recovery, we leverage all possible paths to healing according to each pet’s specific needs and do our best every day to raise awareness surrounding animal equality, adoption education, and animal rights and welfare. We are just ordinary people taking extraordinary measures to save these treasured pets and in return, having our lives forever changed by each and every one of these amazing animals.We are advocates. We are educators. We are making a difference, one cherished life at a time.Why do we do what we do? Because They Matter.




Partner Dates: October 17-21

Bideawee, which means “stay awhile,” in Scottish, is one of the country’s oldest and most respected animal welfare and pet adoption organizations. Founded in 1903, Bideawee’s mission is to be Greater New York’s leader in rescuing, caring for, and placing homeless cats and dogs with people who love them. Bideawee provides an array of high touch services including adoption centers, animal hospital, pet therapy programs, and pet memorial parks that serve pets and pet lovers on their lifelong journey together. Bideawee is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 humane animal organization and 100% of Bideawee’s funding comes from private sources. Bideawee operates adoption centers in New York City and Westhampton. Bideawee’s mission is to be Greater New York’s leader in rescuing, caring for, and placing homeless cats and dogs with people who love them.



Adpot A Boxer Rescue

Partner Dates: Nov 1-2

Adopt A Boxer Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charitable organization formed to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home unwanted and abandoned boxer dogs. We work within Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, northern Virginia, Washington DC and Rhode Island.

When boxers are in need, AABR volunteers respond. Our mission includes hands-on rescue, as well as education. We strive to inform others about the realities of pet ownership, promote neutering, and encourage responsible care. It is our hope that our efforts will enhance the lives of people as well as companion animals. Join us. Help us to help boxers.

AABR is a collective effort of volunteers working together, pooling resources and sharing goals.



Italian GreyHound Rescue

Partner Dates: October 21

Our mission is to find homes for rescued Italian Greyhounds and to educate the public on the care and training required by this breed.

While we may dream of a day when every Italian Greyhound lives out its life in a happy, loving home, we know that goal is unlikely in the foreseeable future. There are times when dogs need extra resources to secure a loving home. We ideally would love to have the capacity to accept every needy Italian Greyhound into our foster program and provide advanced veterinary services with no fear of financial ruin for the long-term funding of the program.


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Animal Haven

Partner Dates: September 26-30, October 10-14

Animal Haven is a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area, and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption. Founded in 1967, we operate an animal shelter in Manhattan. We also provide programs that enhance the bond between animals and people.



The Sato Project

Partner Dates: October 3-5

The Sato Project is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico, locally referred to as “satos”. Since its inception in 2011, The Sato Project has largely focused its efforts on a place unfortunately known as “Dead Dog Beach” in the municipality of Yabucoa, one of the island's poorest. We have rescued over 2,800 dogs to date, rehabilitated them with the highest standards of veterinary care and placed them in loving homes in the mainland U.S. We are addressing the underlying causes of overpopulation, abandonment, and abuse through community outreach and a low-cost Spay, Neuter, Vaccine and Microchip Program. Since the devastation of Hurricane Maria, The Sato Project has evacuated over 1,400 dogs to safety and is working to keep families with their beloved pets, and to help the many animals left behind in the storm’s aftermath.



Hearts & Bones

Partner Dates: October 6-7

Hearts & Bones Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of a network of fosters and volunteers who collaborate to rescue shelter dogs and find them loving, forever homes. Every day, there are thousands of animals killed in America's shelters because they do not have homes. As a foster-based rescue, we focus on providing all of our dogs with secure and caring environments while they wait for their forever families. At Hearts & Bones, all of our dogs are 100% certified pre-loved.


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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Partner Dates: October 27 and 28

Rescue Dogs Rock is a not for profit animal rescue founded in 2015. We exist solely on donations and will rely primarily on fundraising to help animals in need.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the ever growing plight of homeless animals in this country, both in shelters and those dumped on our streets. Way too many amazing animals are euthanized every single day simply because they are homeless.

We want to introduce these animals to the public and educate people that unwanted companion animals are not damaged goods or unworthy, but really can be great family pets. Because the abuse, neglect, cruelty and medical cases cost shelters the most money and are the most urgent, they are often the first animals euthanized.

It is our goal to focus on the rescue of these urgent animals and provide them immediately the routine, emergency or specialized medical care they need and deserve. We will go beyond just vet care and get these animals rehabilitated as needed using trainers and behaviorists to help overcome issues related to past trauma.

It is our belief that no injured or abused animal should lose its life simply due to lack of funds. We do not have our own shelter, and we will rely on volunteers, fosters and adopters to take the animals into their homes and provide them with proper care and nurturing.

All of our animals will be vaccinated, heartworm tested, micro-chipped and altered. All of our homes, foster or adopter, will be fully screened, including references and vet check, an interview with the applicant and a home visit to ensure the home is the right fit for the animal.

Our outreach and education efforts will take place online via Facebook, web site and other social media as well as in person in the community via community events, school assemblies and any place people may lawfully gather to exchange information and learn.

Our message is one teaching general animal care and welfare, population control through spay and neuter and disease control in the animal population via proper vaccinations.


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Muddy Paws Rescue

Partner Dates: September 19-23

Muddy Paws Rescue is a 501(c)3 non­profit organization dedicated to partnering with animal shelters to pull and place dogs into loving forever homes. Muddy Paws Pack members, both human and canine, receive extensive support through our foster program and comprehensive adoption process. The Muddy Paws community is built on the organization’s core values of being Positive, Welcoming, Responsive, and Supportive, and continues to grow rapidly as the organization places approximately one thousand dogs per year.


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Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Partner Dates: November 3-4

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all-breed dog rescue composed of a network of fosters and volunteers who work together to rescue sweet, loving, adoptable dogs from high kill, rural shelters in the southern U.S. states and get them adopted into wonderful forever homes.



Rescue City

Partner Dates: November 7-12

Our organization’s motto is: There’s a person for every dog, and there’s a dog for every person…it’s just a matter of time.This applies whether you are looking to adopt a pet, or would like to make a positive impact on the lives of animals. At Rescue City we believe it is our moral responsibility to defend the lives of abused, abandoned, and neglected animals. We take on helpless stray and surrendered animals, as well as those at the top of the euthanasia list at local and international shelters. We place our rescues in nurturing foster homes while they rebuild their lives through physical and mental rehabilitation. Following a thorough – but hassle free – adoption process, our Rescues are placed in loving, responsible, and committed permanent homes. Every rescue is fully vetted and altered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated upon adoption. Our commitment to our rescues does not stop once the adoption paperwork is signed. We stress the importance of responsible pet ownership, and we educate our Fosters, Adopters, and community on what it means to be a good pet owner.


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Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers

Partner Dates: October 8

Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers provides long term and short term care for homeless animals. We also provide pet therapy services and train dogs for Veterans in need of service dogs.

Train rescue dogs as service dogs for soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

• Name the dogs in honor of fallen soldiers and carefully pair the dogs with veterans to allow a better life for both soldier and dog.

• Work with teens in a juvenile detention facility to train the dogs.



Korean K9 Rescue

Partner Dates: October 24 - 26

Korean K9 Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that rescues dogs from high kill shelters, dog meat farms, and puppy mills in South Korea. Due to the stigma associated with mixed breed and "dog meat farm" dogs, these dogs have a low chance of being adopted in South Korea. Korean K9 Rescue transports these dogs to the United States and finds loving forever homes for them. In the process, Korean K9 Rescue spreads awareness about the brutal dog meat trade and stands as a voice for the voiceless dogs that are still suffering.”